Yvonne Hogenes on ‘She Talks’ With Barinder Rasode – Roundhouse Radio Vancouver

Yvonne Hogenes Roundhouse RadioOwner and Designer of Malary’s Fashion Network, Yvonne Hogenes, appeared on radio show ‘She Talks’ hosted by Barinder Rosode.

The show covers how Malary’s started and consequently, the natural inception of Inn for Women.

The two women share a history and passion for helping other women.

Barinder Rasode played a part in the beginning of Inn for Women by generously offering her office as a place to gather clothes for women in need. she also donated many clothes from her closet as seen in this video.

Because the women have become friends over the years, you can hear their shared passion and chemistry while they talk.

Listen to Yvonne Hogenes with Barinder Rasode on ‘She Talks’ HERE.


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