Yvonne Hogenes – Health Meets Fashion

Over the years, Malary’s Fashion Network has kept its pulse on current fashion trends by specializing in great Canadian designers and quality European lines.

Last week Malary’s Fashion and Firma Energy Wear Founder, Yvonne Hogenes, sat down with Health Wellness and Lifestyle, to discuss the latest health conscience trends in fashion.

Most talked about was a new fabric made of a polyamide-based ‘smart’ yarn that has bioactive minerals incorporated into the matrix of the yarn itself.

This sustainable fabric that is breaking boundaries in the health meets fashion world, has a unique design that increases circulation, cosmetic enhancements (increased collagen synthesis, skin elasticity, and skin smoothness) and performance benefits (increased body thermoregulation, lower muscle fatigue, and reduction of lactic acid buildup).

Both of Yvonne’s FIRMA Energy Wear and the Tab Bra are made with this ‘smart’ yarn. On top of the health benefits, both lines ‘smart’ yarn benefits will not wash out or stretch through use.

Malary’s Fashion Network is committed to increasing sustainable and ethical lines throughout her store, including jewellery which she purchases Fair Trade from Uganda and Kenya.

So if you’re looking for a store in the Lower Main Land, that combines health awareness, sustainability and Fair Trade look no further than Malary’s Fashion Network!

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Wear as activeware or purely for health benefits, this clothing line offers anti-cellulite and fat loss benefits when worn regularly.

A fully engineered, custom-fitted bra for orthopedic problems or having general/plastic surgery featuring no under-wires or elastic in its construction.