The personal service of a team of women who truly cares about their customers.


Love the shop, love the service, love the staff.


Drop in to Malary’s to check out the TAB bra and FIRMA energywear. The owner of Malary’s developed and designed these garments for fit, and to flatter every size.

The TAB bra is wonderful for breast cancer survivors/thrivers, and the FIRMA garments are light compression suitable for most activities and sports.

Located in the heart of Cloverdale, lots of street parking, just down the street from the historic Clova theatre.

Trude H.

What an amazing place to go. Malary’s Fashion network has amazing customer service.

With the latest styles in shop your sure to find something for your event, party or just for everyday occasion.

It is such a friendly atmosphere & the staff are so kind and generous.

They work with their customers to find what works best for the customer to make them leave feeling beautiful.

I was surprised to hear that they work with many different charities to help out where they can as well.

For your latest Fashion needs def visit this shop.

Michelle A.

I was getting married, bought a big white dress.. had a melt down and didn’t want a big white dress. I emailed Malary’s from Europe (as I was out of country) and they were GREAT. told me lots of selection in my size 16 and to come on in! I did and found the dress of my dreams!!!!

Since the dress was regular price, alterations were included. Which was good because it was one size too big! Love the shop! Wish I lived closer!!!!

Thank you so much for being part of my amazing day!!

Sheri R.

Malary’s takes up a major portion of my closet. Even the outfit I wore to a South Asian wedding. Yvonne Hogenes has a great classy sense of fashion. The high-end service with alterations & personal shopper leaves me feeling pampered.

Barinder Rasode

Wear as activeware or purely for health benefits, this clothing line offers anti-cellulite and fat loss benefits when worn regularly.

A fully engineered, custom-fitted bra for orthopedic problems or having general/plastic surgery featuring no under-wires or elastic in its construction.