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Get Healthy With the TAB Bra!

Enjoy amazing health features and benefits all while looking your best!

TAB Custom Fitted BraThe TAB bra is a fully engineered, custom-fitted bra that features no under-wires or elastic in its construction.

It does not “stretch” into the shape of the wearer through use of elastic fabrics. Instead, a minimal stretch custom-fitted bra is fitted to perfectly suit your body shape. This is accomplished when a qualified, certified fitter conducts a clinical fitting session.

The TAB bra offers excellent health benefits. It is one of the only custom-fitted bras on the market that features a pocket sewn onto the inside of the cup of the bra. This stretch pocket can securely hold in place a prosthetic insert of various sizes or styles. The result benefits include a very secure fit of the prosthesis as well as a natural, balanced look.

The TAB bra is considered a Class 1 Medical Device for orthopedic problems and general/plastic surgery and can be used as a support garment for those with orthopedic problems, those dealing with general or plastic surgery, or by those in physical medicine.

TAB Bras are available in 4 styles, 3 colors, and 150 sizes

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