FIRMA Energywear


Where Health Meets Fashion

FIRMA energywear FIRMA Energywear can be worn as activeware or purely for health benefits by offering anti-cellulite and fat loss benefits when worn regularly.

FIRMA energywear is made of a polyamide-based yarn that have had bioactive minerals incorporated into the matrix of the yarn itself. Previous fabrics achieved similar results using coatings and capsulesembedded into the yarn, but those would wear out with washes. FIRMA’s effects will never wash out as they are part of the yarn itself, making it a great innovation in the world of shapewear & fashion.

When wearing these garments, the unique fabricx absorbs “infrared” waves emitted by human body and re-emits the absorbed resonance as “far infrared” waves, which then penetrate the human body, promoting blood micro-circulation, vasodilation, and muscle tissue stimulation to a depth of 5cm.

There are many benefits to wearing FIRMA energywear garments:

  • Increased blood microcirculation and enhanced cellular metabolism are the primary effects associated with FIRMA energywear. Secondary benefits include cosmetic enhancements and performance benefits.
  • Cosmetic enhancements include increased collagen synthesis, skin elasticity, and skin smoothness, leading to a healthier, younger skin and reduced appearance of cellulite with regular wear.
  • Performance benefits include increased body thermoregulation, lower muscle fatigue, and reduction of lactic acid buildup which lead to significant performance advantages.

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