FIRMA Energywear in the spotlight – informative video with Yvonne

What is FIRMA Energywear?

Yvonne Hogeness is not only the gracious owner of Malary’s Fashion Network. She is also the visionary founder and designer behind FIRMA Energywear.

FIRMA Energywear

FIRMA products are made from an “intelligent” fiber that increases the body’s circulation and reduces joint pain and the appearance of cellulite. Moreover, FIRMA products increase energy through active bio-crystals. The bio-crystals are imbedded in the fiber and exchange the body’s heat for Far Infared rays.

In this interview with Tammy-Lynn McNabb of Health Wellness & Lifestyle TV, Yvonne talks about her FIRMA brand and what makes it so unique and effective:

Find out more about FIRMA Energywear here.

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Wear as activeware or purely for health benefits, this clothing line offers anti-cellulite and fat loss benefits when worn regularly.

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